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Annual Paul G. Sullivan Tennis Championships - July 11-19, 2009
Frick Park Clay Courts, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.



Men's Open Singles

Sullivan2009 finalists mos
Champion: David Fink
Runner-up: Allen Quackenbush

Women's Open Singles

Sullivan2009 finalists wos
Champion: Katie Freedline
Runner-up: Nafari Vanaski

Men's Senior Singles

Sullivan2009 finalists mss
Champion: Daniel Jones
Runner-up: Tom Sparta

Women's Senior Singles

Sullivan2009 finalists wss
Champion: Carroll Roberts
Runner-up: Meg Cooper

Men's Open Doubles

Sullivan2009 finalists mod
Champions: Jacob Bezeck and Brad Wade
Runners-up: Brad Kelly and Allan Quackenbush

Women's Open Doubles

Sullivan2009 finalists wod
Champions: Carroll Roberts and Aldene Lacaria
Runners-up: Katie Beck and Elizabeth Miller

Mixed Open Doubles

Sullivan2009 finalists mxod
Champions: Fran Bolanis and Brad Wade
Runners-up: David Fink and Christin Glorioso


Click here for the Men's Open Singles draw [updated 7/21/2009 @ 8:05pm]

Click here for the Men's Senior Singles draw [updated 7/21/2009 @ 8:05pm]

Click here for the Women's Open Singles draw [updated 7/21/2009 @ 8:05pm]

Click here for the Women's Senior Singles draw [updated 7/21/2009 @ 8:05pm]

Click here for the Men's Open Doubles draw [updated 7/21/2009 @ 8:05pm]

Click here for the Women's Open Doubles draw [updated 7/21/2009 @ 8:05pm]

Click here for the Mixed Open Doubles draw [updated 7/21/2009 @ 8:05pm]


Sullivan2009 proexhibition 001
Professional Tennis Exhibition courtesy of the UBS Men's Futures of Pittsburgh Will Boe-Wiegaard bested John Valenti 6-2, 6-3 in a fun match on the Frick Park red clay, Thursday, July 9, 2009. (Photo by J. Mieres)
Sullivan2009 action 001
Scot Gordon serves it up on the Frick clay. Men's Open Singles 2nd Round, July 12, 2009. (Photo by Nat Williams).
Sullivan2009 action 002
Joseph Linden in Men's Open Singles 2nd Round action, Sunday, July 12, 2009. (Photo by Nat Williams)
Sullivan2009 001
Players gather around the tournament desk during 1st Round men's Open Singles action, Saturday, July 11, 2009. (Photo by J. Mieres)
Sullivan2009 002
The Tournament Desk was led by club members and volunteers Maureen Collins, Joseph Linden and Stephen Hirtle. Maureen and Stephen are also FPCCTC Board members, July 11, 2009. (Photo by J. Mieres)
Sullivan2009 003
Players and net fans share the clay court views under the cool Frick Park shade, Sunday, July 12, 2009. (Photo by J. Mieres)
Sullivan2009 004
Players Maria Koyanagi and Dana Squelch serve it up during Mixed Open Doubles action, Tuesday, July 14, 2009. (Photo by J. Mieres)
Sullivan2009 005
Player Mike Belmonte serves up for stirring action on the clay during Men's Open Singles quarterfinals, Thursday, July 18, 2009. (Photo by J. Mieres)
Sullivan2009 006
Tournament Referee Barb McMullen was chair umpire for the Men's and Women's Open Singles Finals, Sunday, July 19, 2009. (Photo by J. Mieres)
Sullivan2009 007
Fellow Players and friends gathered around the picnic table to watch the Men's Open Doubles final - a high quality match that was decided with a game score of 9-7 in the third set. (Photo by J. Mieres)
Sullivan2009 008
Umpire chairs were a welcome addition to the Frick clay courts this year. (Sunday, July 19, 2009, Photo by S. Hirtle)
Sullivan2009 009
Citiparks and FPCCTC Teaching Pro and Promoter Aldene Lacaria with her father, the little one, and FPCCTC Board member Maureen Collins. Aldene has tirelessly promoted the Frick clay courts in Pittsburgh and around the world. (Photo by J. Mieres)
Sullivan2009 010
FPCCTC Member and Volunteer Alex Andrade waters the clay courts between tournament matches. The Frick clay courts were prepared for tournament play between matches by many volunteer players. (Thursday, July 16, 2009, Photo by Kambiz Doonboli)
Sullivan2009 011
FPCCTC Member and Volunteer Jake Bezeck brings high energy to the clay during heated Men's Open Singles quarterfinal action, Thursday, July 16, 2009. (Photo by Kambiz Doonboli)
Sullivan2009 012
Sizable rain required postponing doubles quarterfinals play on Friday, July 17, 2009. The postponed QF doubles matches were completed during Semifinal Saturday. (Photo by Kambiz Doonboli)
  Sullivan2009 013
Player Chris Compton brings his game to the Frick clay during Men's Open Singles quarterfinal action, Thursday, July 16, 2009. (Photo by Kambiz Doonboli)


The tournament is open to all amateur players in the Western Pennsylvania area 16 years of age and older. Players 50 years old or above can play either in the Open or the Senior Singles event, but not both. The City does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, place of birth, sex, sexual orientation, familial status, age (40 and over), or non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, or on any other basis protected by federal, state or local law. All players agree to sign a waiver of claims form before playing their first match. All players agree to abide by tournament rules as specified by tournament officials. All match schedules are weather permitting. Entry deadline is Tuesday, July 7, 2009. Public seeding and draw will be held on Thursday, July 8, 2008. Proceeds of this tournament are solely for the benefit of the Frick Park Clay Courts.


Registered Players




Pittsburgh Parks and Recreation:

Mike Radley (Deputy Director),
Duane T. Ashley (Director).

Citiparks Tennis:

Rochelle Seilhamer (Coordinator),
Aldene LaCaria (Promoter).


Tournament Director:

José Mieres

Tournament Desk and Assistant Directors:

Maureen Collins,
Stephen Hirtle,
Joseph Linden.

Tournament Referee:

Barb McMullen.

Promotion and Publicity:

Deb Rosen, Mike Belmonte (Tennis Village),
Citiparks Tennis - 2009 Summer Guide,
Regent Square Civic Association.


Kambiz Doonbolim,
Nat Williams,
Many Others...

Online Registration, Webpage, Draws:

Ross Cooperman,
Stephen Hirtle,
Joseph Linden,
Gulshan Sharma.

Clay Court Maintenance and Preparation for the Tournament;

Mark Camp,
Scott Coatsworth,
Stephen Hirtle.

Clay Court Preparation and Other Volunteers During Tournament:

Stephen Hirtle, Mike Macedonia, Andrew Stein, Ned Schano, Meg Cooper, Jon Brennan, Brad Wade, Jake Bezeck, Dan Kambic, Kathy Wallace, Mary Catherine Dykhouse, Alex Andrade, among others. Thanks to ALL!

Tournament Ball:

Gamma ProTour Regular Duty.


Sponsored by Citiparks Tennis - Mike Radley (Deputy Director).

Seeding Committee:

José Mieres,
Gulshan Sharma,
Maureen Collins,
Jake Bezeck,
Ed Price.

FPTCCTC Sponsorships:

Howard Engelberg,
Deb Rosen,
Mark Wallace,
José Mieres,
Tom Current.

Negotiation for FPCCTC Adopt-A-Park Agreement with the City of Pittsburgh:

Joseph Liebowicz.

USTA AMD Support:

Bob Ruzanic,
Tom Benic.


[Paul Sullivan]
Paul Sullivan, 1937

In August 1930 the newly constructed Frick Park clay courts first hosted the Pittsburgh Parks Championships.

In 1930 the men singles champion was Frank Broida, and the women singles champion was Jean Artzberger.

Paul Sullivan directed the Pittsburgh Parks Championships held at the Frick Park clay courts from 1930 until 2001.

From 1930 until 2001 there were no tie breaks in any of the matches and there were no age groups in any events.

In 2001 Paul Sullivan directed the tournament for the last time at Frick Park.

In 2002 Paul Sullivan, at 98 years old, put down his racket for the last time and the tournament was renamed the Paul G. Sullivan Tennis Championships.

In 2007 the tournament was relocated back to Frick Park after the volunteer restoration of the red clay courts by the new Frick Park Clay Court Tennis Club.

[Frank Broida]
Frank Broida - 1930 Men's Singles Champion.

[Jean Artzberger]
Jean Artzberger - 1930 Women's Singles Champion


[Citiparks Logo]
Luke Ravenstahl, Mayor
Duane T. Ashley, Director
Patrick Dowd, City Council Committee on Urban Recreation
Founded June 2007
Awarded 2007 CTA of the Year USTA Allegheny Mountain District

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